Install these functions for your car

  • Installation Of Navigation On The Factory Car Screen

    What is the installation of navigation on the factory car screen? Many low-end cars or low distribution models are no navigation features, and some models have navigation but did not reverse the image or reverse […]
  • Backup camera for the factory screen

    What is backup camera? Install a reversing camera in the rear of the car , when reverse gear is engaged, the system will automatically display the camera in the screen of the car. The status […]
  • Hidden Wifi Car Video Recorder Camera(DVR)

    Introduction Hidden vehicle traveling data recorder is build according to the original car style, adopt unique hidden installation method, hidden inside the electric, no exposed wiring harness, and the vehicle style be in harmony are […]
  • Upgrade Functions For The Car Factory Screen

    introduction The original car screen upgrade is to use the original car with the sound of the original configuration of the host of the screen, under the premise of without changing the original car inner […]